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Hello! My name is Taylor Brockman, Chief Technology Officer of Power Analytics.

In this brief video, it is my pleasure to introduce Paladin DesignBase Xi, a software design tool written for engineers to optimize power models for superior system performance.

The X stands for Transactional Grid. The i stands for Internet Delivery.

First, we start on our product shopping site,

We have additional information about our live and enterprise applications including white space management for data centers and
Smart Grid Power Management for microgrid installations.

As of October 2014, we are offering two price points for DesignBase Xi: $249 / month for software only and $499 / month for software and our power engineering support plan.

Both of these solutions offer the full feature set of DesignBase within a budget that fits a power engineer’s expense reports and all payment is handled online via major credit cards.

After I purchase my subscription, Power Analytics provisions a secure cloud instance of DesignBase Xi that I connect to via Microsoft Remote Desktop protocol using any major platform including Windows, Mac, iPad and other tablets and smartphones.

After I connect to DesignBase Xi, I am immediately presented with a menu of available example content including tutorials, sample models, online help, and technical support services.

Any projects and models that I design are saved in an encrypted, protected format to my private cloud instance.

Included in DesignBase is the Paladin Grid Element library containing detailed engineering specifications from major equipment manufacturers to help you size, simulate, and recommend exactly the right Grid Elements for your engineering project.

Thank you for watching!

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