Paladin® White Space Management

Improving White Space Management
Paladin® WSM integrates facilities and IT technology to improve the management of power, space and cooling assets.

RPP Manager automates the configuration and operation of power panels in the data center. It simplifies the management of panel schedules and power at the branch-circuit level and links to monitoring, billing, and asset management systems – virtually any repository of customer data. Now you can actually use all that branch circuit data you collect.

Rack Manager facilitates the necessary coordination between IT and facilities – at the rack level and in real time. It shows the available spaces in the rack, what is installed, the power load for the installed devices, the manufacturer’s specifications, and the actual power consumption (with rack power monitoring).

Heat Map Visualizer adds a dynamic, animated heat map as a semi-transparent layer over any view of the data center. It provides X/Y coordinates corresponding to the location of temperature sensors in the white space, and allows facilities and IT to immediately adjust conditioning air to avoid the hot spots that can affect asset performance and life.



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