Paladin® Solar

Power Analytics Paladin® Solar is a solution for the design, modeling and control of photovoltaic (PV) arrays that embraces two distinct applications for better performing, higher penetration photovoltaic generation plants.

First, Paladin® DesignBase enables the creation of a user defined model that takes into account solar irradiance measurements in time domain simulations. This approach to PV modeling has many advantages over other solutions with benefits to users and developers alike.

Second, a model developed in the DesignBase application can be enabled as a live solution in the Paladin® Solar solution, providing real time solar irradiance data for improved predictability of the PV array contribution to the generating capacity of the system.

Our solution based approach requires more than simply a sophisticated software model. We believe strongly in the value of feasibility studies combined with a power systems study to determine not only the feasibility of a solar distributed generation site, but also the capacity of this solution whether designed to operate as an ‘islanded’ solution, or grid tied to the local utility. In addition, we evaluate other non grid generation resources, where appropriate, to offer a solution that works, that is economically feasible and one that coordinates optimally with utility grid power.



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