Paladin® MicroGrid Power Management System

Optimize energy consumption and utilization from multi-resource sites.

Paladin® MicroGrid Power Management System is an energy management software solution that integrates all utility and on-site generation, as well as load resources into a dynamic microgrid system model. By continuously monitoring real-time power utilization, power quality, and capacity, Paladin® MicroGrid Power Management System provides controls, contingency management, energy and capacity optimization, while ensuring high reliability and energy surety of the microgrid power network.

  • Serves as a master controller for intelligent network operations in utility-scale “microgrids”
  • Provides real-time management of energy production and utilization throughout local grid
  • Monitors all transactions between public electric service and microgrid infrastructure
  • Calculates generation backup savings and assesses availability to go off-grid
  • Paladin® DesignView™

  • Facilitates real-time design, simulation and monitoring of complex power networks.
  • More than a graphical user interface, DesignViewTM unlocks powerful analytical capabilities in an intuitive visual manner without the need for a power engineer
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) provides the benefits of a true thin client, with secure access over any IT network to the Paladin® Gateway™ and associated monitored power network.

Paladin® Gateway™

A whole new level of enterprise integration.

  • Advanced data interchange platform manages workflow and dispatch of data and information from Data Acquisition Engines, Building Management Systems, Metering systems, Market data and Utility systems, regardless of vendor-specific proprietary architectures
  • Enables Paladin® to operate agnostically regardless of the manufacturers of power quality meters, data collection system and other equipment



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