Paladin® DesignBase Xi Software and Support

$499.00 / month

Optimize your model for superior system performance.

Watch “Welcome to DesignBase Xi” video to see the software in action!

Software includes DesignBase Service Pack 6.0, All Premium Features enabled, delivered via Microsoft Remote Desktop connection.

Support includes Power Analytics Engineering direct support access for questions regarding software, functionality, and design parameters.

Submit your power engineering support requests at

HOWTO Connect to DesignBase Xi via Remote Desktop Protocol

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Power Analytics’ technical support is organized by product and nature of request. In order to quickly direct your inquiry to the appropriate technical support representative and ensure the fastest possible response, please provide as much information as possible below. Select “Submit” when you have completed your inquiry. A Power Analytics technical specialist will respond as quickly as possible.

Optimize your model for superior system performance.

Paladin® DesignBase™ is the most comprehensive power systems simulation platform available today for modeling, analyzing and optimizing power system performance — and the only solution that can be re-deployed for model-validated analysis in live environments using Paladin® Live™.

Regardless of the complexity of your electrical infrastructure, Paladin DesignBase provides the technological richness to perfect your infrastructure for superior system performance.

• 800-component library with more than 100,000 device-specific manufacturers’ specifications

• The most comprehensive range of integrated analysis modules

• Easy-to-navigate CAD-like user interface, allowing unprecedented ease of use

• Personal and team-based productivity features and data management tools


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