DesignBase Catalog


Keep DesignBase 5 up to date with the latest products and Grid Elements available in the Marketplace!

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Power Analytics DesignBase Catalog provides the most up-to-date grid elements and integrates with the industry’s broadest platform of electrical system design and simulation software to meet all of your power modeling requirements.

To use DesignBase Catalog, you must be running DesignBase 5, Service Pack 2. Get started by Downloading and Installing with the link above.



DesignBase Catalog includes a broad span of options from simple breakers and fuses to highly complex, multi-component grid elements and all are certified by Power Analytics, working directly with OEM hardware manufacturers. This means it’s as simple as dragging and dropping a product into your model and instantly gaining access to all of the operational, sizing, and simulation details.

Our power engineers mathematically model power products in DesignBase and make them immediately available to all DesignBase users via on-demand cloud streaming. Grid Elements are more than just individual power components, they are the latest products and solutions that solve specific microgrid reliability and transactional energy market needs.