Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol enables your laptop or workstation to remotely control an instance of Microsoft Windows running in a secure data center location.

Using your credentials provided at time of purchase, you can connect to your personalized virtual machine instance via Remote Desktop Protocol to access DesignBase and all power engineering content!

After connecting, DesignBase is launched by clicking on the Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut: Paladin DesignBase Xi

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Recommendations for users with Microsoft Windows

All modern versions of Microsoft Windows include “Remote Desktop Connection”.

The “Remote Desktop Connection” application can be found in Windows:
Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Protocol Start Menu

Your DesignBase Xi instance is personalized for you. All Remote Desktop connection information is provided in your account and confirmation connection email information at purchase time!

Welcome to DesignBase Email

Sample of an Email Message with DesignBase Xi Connection Information.

DesignBase Xi Computer hostnames are in the format:

At purchase, you will be assigned a numerical, anonymized Computer hostname.

The DesignBase Xi Remote Desktop username is: dbxiuser

The DesignBase Xi Remote Desktop password is randomly assigned at purchase time and can be changed via Windows Security in the ‘Start Menu’.

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Recommendations for users with Apple Mac and MacBook

Microsoft has published a version of Microsoft Remote Desktop that is freely available via the App Store.

App Store Remote Desktop

View “Microsoft Remote Desktop” in App Store

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Sample Remote Desktop configuration menu on Mac

Recommendations for users with Mobile devices and Tablets

DesignBase Xi also works great for displaying and browsing designs on modern smartphone and tablet platforms using Remote Desktop connection clients available in the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

For Apple iPad, we recommend “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app, available via the App Store!

Advanced User Recommendations

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows advanced configuration to associate local resources such as printers, disk drives, and devices to your virtual machine. This is the preferred method on how to transfer files onto and off of your DesignBase Xi instance.

To attach Local Resources in Microsoft Windows, use the “Local Resources” tab in Remote Desktop Connection.

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Learn More

Microsoft provides an online content knowledge base to learn more about using Remote Desktop Connection:

The Power Analytics power engineering team is available to support technical questions for users with active support agreements.